If you’re reading this, congratulations on finding another nondescript blog by another run-of-the-mill blogger. Treat yourself.

I’m a nearly-30 professional who, with the support of many, worked hard, sacrificed much, overcame a paralyzing illness (literally), and fought for what some people call success. Oh, and I’m emotionally stunted. Did I mention that I’m Asian? Most of us don’t do this emotions thing. Despite my accomplishments, I felt restless and bored. Maybe those more introspective than I could have figured out what was causing my sense of lacking, but being me means using more energy than the average person to decipher the reasons to my feelings. So in typical Jo fashion, I ignored them until I slowly began to realize how emotionally stunted I really was.

Success is subjective. I may have my career in order, but as an adult, I am far from understanding and being able to verbally express anything more than just surface level emotions. I know that good food makes me happy and bad food makes me sad, but why does having a serious conversation with my parents make me anxious? Why do I shut down emotionally and become speechless when engaged in an argument with people close to me? Hell if I know, but I now care enough to figure out why and what to do with these…feelings.

This is my attempt to grow in life, my emotional and physical health as well as financial development through writing about what I’ve learned from, dare I say, introspection and summarizing posts from my favorite blogs and podcasts.

P.S. If you’re wondering about the link to this blog, I am not The George Becker. He is a good friend of mine kind enough to share his domain and work on this project with me. Check out his photo blog documenting his travels.